Thursday, March 22, 2018
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Oshawa DUI Lawyer Over 80- Impaired Driving Lawyer

DUI Impaired Over 80 Lawyers OshawaBeing charged with a criminal offence is just one step of a long journey through the criminal process. The Criminal Justice Process In Canada all criminal offences are defined the Criminal Code  of Canada [] which also sets out the range of penalties available to a judge on conviction. The Criminal Code also makes reference to other criminal offenses and processes which may apply such as how and when police authorities may take a blood or breath sample while investigating an impaired driving / DUI or driving over 80 case.

"We Work To Protect Your Rights"

As your advisors, at Bracken Law Firm  we work to protect your rights and challenge the progress of this process wherever and whenever possible. We will work to ensure evidence against you was collected in accordance with all the rules, that police acted with reasonable and probable cause, not just a gut feeling, that any warrants issued were based on evidence fairly gathered and honestly presented to a judge to allow search and seizure.

Travel to the United States by Canadians with Criminal Record

" If I am convicted of a drinking and driving offence can I still travel to the USA?"

A criminal conviction for impaired driving has consequences beyond licence suspension and fines. A drunk driving conviction results in a criminal record which can potentially limit an individual’s ability to travel and gain entry into other countries. Individuals with an impaired driving conviction should determine whether they will be permitted entry at their destination before they travel.   

According to the U.S. Consular Services in Canada:

“If you have any criminal record, no matter how minor or long ago the offence, you may be refused a visa or entry into the United States. There may also be problems in traveling through U.S. airports. Under U.S. law, a pardon issued by Canadian authorities is not recognized for purposes of entry into the United States. Even though you may have entered the United States without hindrance in the past, you may be denied entry at a future date based upon disclosure/discovery of your criminality”

Charged with Over 80, Impaired Driving?

Blowing over 80 is the most common drinking and driving Charge that is defended in the courts. In Ontario, operating an automobile, boat, snowmobile or motorcycle - motorized vehicle with an alcohol level that exceeds 80 milligrams of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood is over the legal limit.

Your rights are guaranteed by law in Canada and it’s our job at the law firm of Taragh Bracken to fight for those rights and to hold police and the courts accountable on your behalf.

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