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  • Immigration CanadaImmigration Law

    We have experience in all types of immigration cases, including applications for permanent residence, family sponsorships, work permit applications, other visa applications, and citizenship applications.
  • Domestic AssaultDomestic Assault

    The Firm has successfully defended numerous cases involving Domestic Assault and Our Firm has the Family Law experience coupled with the Criminal Law expertise to successfully conclude both of your cases.
  • Family Law MattersFamily Law Matters

    The divorce process is a difficult and emotionally stressful time. It is essential that clients are represented by experienced and focused professionals with expertise in this field. We are a firm that understands and respects the financial and emotional consequences of marital breakdown and we know how to achieve the best results!
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Thursday, March 22, 2018
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Whitby Family Lawyers - Bracken Feeley O'Brien

Whitby Family Lawyers

The  Family Law Firm of  Bracken  Feeley O'Brien , Whitby is a trusted and highly regarded Law Firm in Durham Region. The Firm specializes in Family Law Matters & Immigration. The Firm is also highly regarded with Immigration and has lawyers on staff with the expertise and knowledge to assist you with each and every aspect of the Immigration process. Our Firm will provide you navigation through the legal requirements of Immigration Canada to bring closure to your case. The Firm has offices in Toronto and Durham Region for your convenience.

Our firm understands the anxiety that Family Law litigation can cause particularly where children are involved. We have the expertise to litigate when required but have been equally successful in the negotiation of amicable resolutions to complicated matters. We recognize that each individual’s situation is different, and tailor our advice and representation to each client’s unique situation.


 Law Firm of  Bracken Feeley O'Brien (905) 666-5326


Whitby Oshawa Criminal DUI Lawyers

Being charged with a criminal offence is just one step of a long journey through the criminal process. The Criminal Justice Process In Canada all criminal offences are defined the Criminal Code  of Canada [http://laws-lois.justice.gc.ca/eng/acts/C-46/] which also sets out the range of penalties available to a judge on conviction. The Criminal Code also makes reference to other criminal offenses and processes which may apply such as how and when police authorities may take a blood or breath sample while investigating an impaired driving / DUI or driving over 80 case.


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